All Eyes on You

In the past, eyeglasses were seen as uncool or even nerdy. While those days are thankfully, over, eyewear has come a long way. Today, the fashion and beauty industries have put their creative hats on when it comes to fantastic eyewear for either prescription or nonprescription glasses.

All of us would prefer to look hot than not. That also means looking fabulous in a great pair of frames. It all comes down with choosing the right pair of glasses that compliments not only your face shape but allows your confidence to shine through. Let’s focus on some tips to help you rock your style while still turning heads.

  1. Choosing the right frame size is a must. If your face is round and you have chubby cheeks, smaller frames will make your face look more prominent. Oversized frames will only enhance this look.
  2. Wide frames will give a much slimmer effect. On most face shapes, a full angular frame will be flattering and make your eyes pop. For further emphasis, choose your frames with a heavy brow bar for extra definition. This will narrow down and make it look longer with the contrast.
  3. One does need a splash of color. While black is standard and goes with everything, experiment with the color spectrum to liven up your look. Silver and gold colors are easy to match as black, and brighter colors can make quite the statement.
  4. Decorations aren’t just for holidays. This is primarily for those who wear glasses for fashion and not to see. Finding glassed with extra bling, bows, and even iconic characters can help your style stand out.
  5. Makeup can help balance your look. Since glasses can create a shadow on your face, those dark circles from a restless night will be even more visible. Try a brightener under your eyes. Try different techniques to draw attention to your eyes.

When it comes to looking great in glasses, all it takes is a few tricks and these tips to make your eyewear the perfect accessory to looking fabulous. Your eyes are the window to your soul, and the right glasses can help you shine like the stars in the sky.

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