MISS SPECS APPEAL: it’s not about the brand, it’s about style.

MISS SPECS APPEAL offers a modern take on eye care and eyewear. MSA is an Australian eyewear brand built to embrace style, personality, and individuality. We believe the design you choose should express your personality, giving you total confidence in whatever you set your mind to.

Eyewear has been seen as a necessity for too long when they should actually be embraced as a part of who you are.

We source our designs from recognised craftsmen who can deliver artistic and elegant frames by embracing our core values: fun and fashion. We also believe that style shouldn’t break the bank and are proud to bring to life a range of eyewear that not only looks fantastic but are also affordable.

The world is yours, there are endless possibilities, embrace today and discover the look that’s right for you.

The world is yours, there are endless possibilities, embrace today and discover the look that’s right for you.

MSA puts a heavy focus on authenticity. Our collection aims to inspire youthfulness and to embrace individuality, making every customer feel confident and empowered. We believe that style speaks for itself. It’s not just about fashion; it’s that internal feeling and confidence, that feeling that inspires and propels us through life.

MSA has diversity at the forefront of our logic; this is represented across our range of designs, which has been crafted to suit the varying tastes of anyone who walks through the door. To us, fashion is fun. You should experiment. You should try new things, and you shouldn’t be afraid of the unknown. Style allows us to grow as people and as individuals. We encourage change. Innovation is the path to improvement.

Individual fashion is your brand, own it, tell the world who you are! After all, you are the brand.


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Our team is our family, we are here to ensure we cater to your eye care and eyewear needs. We have a vast array of unique and traditional skill set that allow us to be innovative but professional in our approach.

We are here, ready for you to drop in and say hi to your new specs appeal.


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