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Admitting that you may need to get your eyes checked can be a tough pill to swallow. No one who has 20/20 vision their whole life wants to make that phone call with an eye doctor. You may not even realize that its time to get an eye exam. No one needs glasses overnight. Whether its age, health, or too much staring at TikTok videos, your eyes will see some wear and tear. How do you know that your need to get your eyes tested for glasses?

The Signs you need an Eye Exam

Even if you don’t see the need to get your eyes checked, it may get to a point where it becomes inevitable. Sometimes it’s inconvenient to get them checked.

  • Your vision has gotten blurry. This can be from astigmatism, short or far-sightedness, and also fatigue or straining your eyes.
  • You’re having a hard time seeing at night if you start bumping into things more than usual at night, its time for an exam.
  • Eye fatigue is a real thing. If you feel tired while watching TV or reading when you didn’t before, you may need an eye test.
  • You’ve become a squinter. While squinting is healthy, it shouldn’t happen regularly.
  • Those headaches are getting worse. It’s not a tumor (queue Schwarzenegger voice). Headaches are usually a sign you will need glasses.
  • You may find yourself sitting closer to the TV or computer. If you are sitting closer than usual or than anyone else, you could be compensating for an inability to see distant objects.
  • It takes you longer to adjust from dark to light. If it takes longer for you to adjust to light when it’s turned on, you may need glasses.
  • You have double vision. This can be a severe problem if overlooked. Get your eyes checked to make sure there are no other underlying problems.
  • There are halos around objects. This can be scattered rays of light around lightbulbs or headlights.
  • You point with your finger when you read. If you are using your finger to keep losing the line, you are reading, its time for an exam.
  • To see an object, you cover one of your eyes. This issue can get complicated if not checked.
  • Glasses are a family affair. Some eye conditions are hereditary, so if most of your family need them, chances are you will also.
  • Waves aren’t just in the ocean. If a window starts to look like it’s underwater, you will probably need some fashionable eyewear.
  • Pressure in your eyes. This can be a serious issue like glaucoma or another eye disease. Please don’t ignore this and get them checked.

Eyeglasses aren’t the end of the world. An eye test will let you know if anything is wrong with your sight, and glasses will help clear up your world. Your eyes are an essential part of you. Take care of your sight and get that exam.

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