What Is Blue Light ?

Blue Light is Everywhere

Invest in your vision


​Are you a victim of Digital Eye Strain?

On average, Australians spend 10 hours a day looking at some form of screen. So have a moment to think about how much time you spend in front of your screen.

What is blue light?

The eye is only sensitive to one part of the electromagnetic spectrum: visible light. Visible light is seen as colours: red, orange, yellow, blue. Blue light has a short wavelength that produces a higher amount of energy and could cause damage to your eyes.

Our digital life impacts our daily life

  • Eyes feeling tired?
  • Sore irritated eyes?
  • Headache is starting?
  • Neck and shoulders aching?

​These are common symptoms associated with Digital Eye Strain (DES). DES is related to the overuse of digital devices. Our eyes become strained and overworked from staring at fixed distances.

Reduce Digital Eye Strain​​

Our blue lenses increase comfort and focus while minimising visual stress and fatigue for anyone who spends time using digital devices. Such devices emit blue light that our eyes are not made to be overexposed to. So, get on top of your symptoms by wearing blue light glasses for a comfortable, relaxed vision in front of screens, all day long.

Better Health

​Blue light can disrupt sleep patterns and circadian rhythm by lowering the production of melatonin. This interference can have a significant effect on your body. By wearing blue light filters, we can reduce unwanted, poorly timed exposure to enhance daily performance and support good health.

Protect against vision loss

​Our eyes do not provide enough protection against blue light from the sun or screens. Evidence shows that prolonged exposure to blue light may cause permanent vision loss by damaging eye cells. With blue light blocking lenses we can take early precautions against harming our eyes for the long term.​

Blue Light Protection

​Our Blue light lenses provide a protective shield to reflect harmful blue-violet light from digital screens while allowing the beneficial blue-turquoise light to pass through. The blue light filter comes together with a scratch-resistant and anti-glare coating, improving visual sharpness and clarity. Not only do our lenses offer benefits when in front of the screen, but also outdoor benefits by blocking out UV.

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