FRAME-ing Your Face

For anyone who is new to wearing glasses or have had to wear them for an extended period, picking out the right frame that will match your face shape can be quite frustrating. Even the most fashion-conscious person can spend a lot of time switching out frames in the mirror before giving up. Before you …

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Adjusting Your Focus

The Signs you need an Eye Exam Even if you don’t see the need to get your eyes checked, it may get to a point where it becomes inevitable. Sometimes it’s inconvenient to get them checked. Your vision has gotten blurry. This can be from astigmatism, short or far-sightedness, and also fatigue or straining your …

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All Eyes on You

In the past, eyeglasses were seen as uncool or even nerdy. While those days are thankfully, over, eyewear has come a long way. Today, the fashion and beauty industries have put their creative hats on when it comes to fantastic eyewear for either prescription or nonprescription glasses. All of us would prefer to look hot …

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Feeling a Little Blue?

As your life and those of others become integrated with more technology, the amount of blue light you absorb from smartphones, tablets, or even your computer screen has increased. Also LED bulbs and some smart TV’s emitted this beautiful color. Even though this is the standard in everyday life, having a pair of glasses with …

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