Something for Everyone

With Spring about to hit, we get to introduce new eyewear trends for the impending season! That means a refresh of your style! Do away with the Winter warmth and start to enjoy some sunshine! At Miss Specs Appeal there’s a frame for everyone, from eye-opening pieces with bursts of colours and patterns, to vintage-inspired… Read more

Don’t Be Afraid of Change

It’s a bit of a cliché to say that style is changing as style is always changing. Eyewear is considered a seasonal style, which means it is in a state of constant change. These changes can be exciting, invigorating and can tweak your style. They should be something to be thrilled about, as opposed to… Read more


Style is not about beauty, age, size, or even fashion. A style is knowing and expressing you for whom you are and having the confidence to discover the unique you in a world full of on-going changes. Style has everything to do with knowing how to dress a unique package – you. Everyone has a… Read more

Classic Eyewear Trends

As the seasons change once again, we start to see a new set of trends. This change makes us super excited as we begin to feel the suns lingering kisses and realise that it’s time for more outdoor activities, picnics, the beach, sports! Autumn, in particular, brings out the earthy tones and a range of… Read more