Miss Specs Appeal is a growing Australian-owned eyewear boutique determined to embrace style, personality, and individuality.

These days, everyone is always on the move, our style needs to be flexible and ready for any occasion.  The design should express your personality while giving you total confidence in whatever you do. Accessorising is fun, but for many, glasses are also a necessity, so you should always look forward to working them into your style!

At MSA we believe eyewear is

                                                     simple and affordable
                                                            fun and stylish. 

Our knowledgeable team have an eye-for-detail and revel in discovering your personality. It is our mission to bring individuality to the forefront with every customer. The world is yours, your possibilities are endless, and we can make you look and feel ready for that.

It’s not about the brand; it’s about style.



MSA puts a heavy focus on authenticity. Our collection aims to inspire youthful women to embrace their style and feel empowered.

Style speaks for itself. It’s not just about fashion; it’s about the feeling and confidence it inspires in you. We want you to experiment and try new things. Style allows us to grow as people. Our clothing and accessories are a part of us, they tell the world who we are, and they are hours to tweak as we see fit.

After all, you are the brand.

Our Team

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